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Need of Online coaching

In present information world with so many different education departments and branches, it is difficult to get a high-quality education. More often than not, a well skilled and learned person will choose a better paying job, and teaching is not one of them. Therefore, there is a big gap between teachers and students. The ratio of teacher per students is very high. Very less amount of teachers. Therefore, this is why there is need of online coaching. You can grow your business through online coaching. Nevertheless, education has become a business itself.

Need for tutor

  1. Many numbers of branches from arts to commerce to science.
  2. The ratio of teacher-student is very less.
  3. Many high-quality schools but less number of qualified
  4. High percent of part-time or contract-based teachers.
  5. Coaching at remote places.
  6. Competitive exam coaching

How to set up your coaching business online

First and foremost, thing is a simple website with few services for students. Things to consider building a better website for online coaching

  1. Simple yet good looking website
  2. Different sections for different subjects
  3. Easy contact option
  4. Teachers profile section and information about their qualification and experience
  5. Compatibility of website on all platforms
  6. Technical support
  7. Billing option
  8. Information on courses offered

When you are about to go online

After setting the website, you need to take care of few more things such as Whether you want coach globally or locally. Another option is pay per class

Options and methods

  1. Packages offered with terms
  2. Pay per class or topics
  3. Availability of study material
  4. Lecture videos and ways to access them
  5. Video conferencing
  6. Hiring guest faculty
  7. Business plan for entire academic year
  8. Model for students

Initial investments and set up

Online coaching business also has initial investment apart from the website and handling charges. Few other things needed are

  1. Blackboard or sketch pen board
  2. Business cards
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Storage place to store lecture videos
  5. EBooks and pdf files
  6. Application for mobile devices
  7. Microphone
  8. High-quality camera
  9. Live chat support
  10. Projectors
  11. Proper room with lightning

Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy should be really good so that students prefer your classes over others. You can make use of social networking sites for the publicity. Strategy may include

  1. Courses included
  2. Study materials at lower costs
  3. E-Books from different authors on the same subject
  4. Combo packages with offers
  5. Daily, monthly or yearly packages
  6. Refer and get discount schemes
  7. Demo classes with good teachers
  8. Advertisement banners on different websites
  9. Comparative prices
  10. Extra classes will provide more weight
  11. Project work assistance

How to Get more success

Even after marketing, you need good quality teachers to do the job. As this is online tutoring, high-quality equipment with high-quality output is necessary. Never treat education as business consider it as serving humanity. No hidden terms or conditions, which will lure more students because of transparency of organization.

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