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12 Booming Careers in Sydney

Nursing-all roles

The unprecedented pandemic that struck the nations in the year 2020 caused an increase in demand of healthcare related occupations. In addition to this, the number of frontline workers in some hospitals is beginning to drop because of the strain that the COVID-19 brings.

Warehouse, storage & distribution

Along with the pandemic come travel restrictions that encourage non-health related workers to minimize movement outdoors unless absolutely necessary. Most common activities are consequently done online to maintain safety with social distancing.

Shopping is among these activities. People now have no choice but to stay inside their homes and, as a result, turn to online stores to look for the things they need. Because of this, workers for warehouses and parcel delivery are much needed during this time.

Aged & Disability Support

This line of work is similar to that of healthcare related jobs. There is an increase in the demand for workers tending to the aged and people with disability. The travel restrictions have made it difficult for the families of such to visit them in their facilities. Furthermore, seniors are discouraged to make contact with people since they are much susceptible to the virus.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are responsible for guaranteeing that office operations run smoothly. They are expected to handle direct phone calls, keep meetings appointments organize and ensure that regular reports follow the set deadlines.

Automotive trade

The automotive trade is a rapidly growing and high-demand field today. Car owners who plan to sell their vehicles always want to get the best deals, which is why automotive trade consultants or electricians are needed to offer quality car fixing.

Retail Assistants

It is the retail assistants’ job to create an increase in sales since included in their line of work are gaining satisfactory customer response through excellent sales service and maintaining good store condition.

Sales representatives/Consultants

There is a surprising increase in the number of small businesses since the tragic events of 2020 unfolding and took a toll on the economy. Business owners want to invest in highly skilled sales representatives and consultants to guide them in all aspects of their venture.

Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation

The healthcare needs of a growing and ageing population are causing demand for the services of physiotherapists. According to Upskilled, care workers receive a minimum pay below the standard for Australia and serve around 42 hours a week. Most care workers are aged between 25 and 54, and most are educated to Certificate III & IV level.

Childcare and Outside School Hours Care

Childcare workers attend to a child’s needs when their parents or guardians are occupied at work or unavailable. They are accountable for the safety of younger children. They are also capable of their well-being, including meals, overseeing playtime, calming children down, and giving nap times.


A growing amount of restaurants opens up doors of opportunities for talented chefs and skilled cooks. Qualities demanded from a chef depend on what kind of restaurant is hiring and what kind of dishes is served in the establishment.

Mining – Engineering & Maintenance

Mining engineers are in-demand because of the growing industry of mining. As mining corporations expand, they require more engineers to maintain and regulate mining works, create estimates for mining projects, design mines, and evaluate processes.


Software developers and programmers work within the Australian information and technology sector. There is a consistent demand for this job because companies and businesses want to stay up to date when it comes to computer programs and technical aspects.

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