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Significance of Early Childhood Education

As early learning child care centres always emphasize, a blossom develops from a bud. The same goes for humans, from growing fetuses to becoming fully grown babies. Growth is a vital part of a child’s life. There are plenty of stages where a child undergoes the process of growth and learning. One of the critical aspects of learning that a child had to go through is early childhood.

Early childhood begins from birth up to the age of eight. It is a phase considered to be the most vulnerable because it is where the physical, emotional, social, and mental development occurs. It is the genesis of a child coming into being. The foundation that will help them set a proper perspective and view in life.

Early childhood is when children are most influenced by their environments, like families, friends, and neighbors. The child’s overall development can be directly affected by exposing them to different connections, experiences, and activities.

Relationship with their family, friends, and teachers shaped their communication skills. It is also the period where their basic needs are should be provided – food, shelter, security, care, and love.  Having a healthy emotional and social aspect determine a child’s success.

Education is a series of learning. A system that guides and teaches children. Early childhood education (ECE) is an educational program that helps children gain knowledge of developmental indicators. Early childhood is when their young brain changes in shape and size throughout the first three years of their life. It helps the young mind assess developmental indicators step-by-step and helps them adapt to their environment. Being hands-on with them, as they learn gradually and achieve childhood-milestone, and giving simple instructions to make them life-long learners.

Early childhood education is both academic and social-based lessons. Counting numbers, singing songs, reading stories, writing letters, help them to cultivate knowledge.  Early childhood activities help improve the social skills of a child. Interactions and communication with people let them learn and acquire vital skills that will help them succeed in life as an adult. In these ways, they will know how to listen and pay attention, share, cooperate, express their thoughts and ideas, and become aware and responsible for their actions. It also helps acquire concentration, a vital life skill. Enabling the child to have an improved attention span and focus can help attain better grades and performance in school.

Early childhood education serves as the backbone of a child that promotes holistic growth. An introduction to the world. The maintenance of life. It is the framework that creates enthusiasm as he anticipates another chapter in his life where he gets to discover and explore more for lifelong learning.  It is focused on the value of education by experience, concentration, respect, perseverance, and patience. Develops confidence, courage, and self-esteem in facing adversity.  It motivates a child to be involved in the world. These opportunities are the building blocks and stepping-stones of every child. Early childhood education intends to build the child up.

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green grass turf and a tree

Different Kinds of Turf for Australian Weather

Turf is just grass for most Australians, no more, no less. But, for professionals in the field of gardening or those who are extra attentive to their yards, lawns are more than large patches of green.

The specific type of grass you choose for your lawn is not just a simple decision you have to make. You have to consider a lot of things, one of which is the weather. Below is an overview of the different kinds of lawn for Australian weather and what sets them apart from each.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is infamous for being annoyingly scratchy and irritating. However, it has become a popular option for the past few years with the rise of the so-called Soft Leaf Buffalo types of grass. These include Matilda and Sir Walter Buffalo that make fort soft and lush lawns when maintained properly. Buffalo grass thrives well in winter and summer and can handle the extremes brought by different times of the year.

Kikuyu Grass

With its name inspired by Kenya’s most heavily populated ethnic group, Kikuyu grass is often considered as among the more vigorous or durable grasses. This also happens to be the most economical. Kikuyu grass loves warmer climate, thriving in full sun that makes it an ideal choice for Australian homes. The main concern with this grass is its fast-growing nature, it means that this could become invasive and require frequent mowing during warmer months of the year. You need to take extra care to prevent it from creeping out of your lawn to spread in other parts of your yard or cross to your neighbor’s yard.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is always a popular type of turf with several equally popular sub-types. This is a cheaper and easy-going grass that makes this perfect if you want to have a great-looking lawn once treated properly. This can hold up against wear and tear that has the capacity to repair itself quickly because of the durable underground runners. Couch grass stays fairly vibrant throughout every season. But, extra care must be taken during warmer months as it requires regular mowing. During colder months, couch grass must be fertilized and nourished. Failure to do so will make it unsightly and patchy.

Tall Fescue

This is a famous choice for those instant lawns wherein pre-grown grass is being rolled out on top of pre-existing grass or soil. This is an unbelievably indiscriminate kind of grass as it is equally happy in both shade and sun. It can also adapt to different climates and soil conditions. But, the cherry on top is that this grass doesn’t have any runners. It means that this cannot invade your neighbor’s yard or nearby garden beds.

Zoysia Grass

Historically speaking, Zoysia grass is a less popular type of grass in Australia but it is now starting to gain significant recognition as a viable and attractive choice for lawns. It is famous for its incredible softness without the chances of scratching or irritating the skin. Its growth is also amazingly slow that makes it attractive for people who are not big fans of mowing. This turf does well all-year-round but is slightly more prone to browning during drought.

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