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Next Level Accessories for Your Honda Cars

The whole point of having a Honda car like the stylish Honda CR-V is to help you reach your destination as safely and comfortably as possible. However, there will always be a few inevitable challenges that car owners often deal with before they get from one place to another. Sometimes, even the tiniest mishaps can get quite annoying.

To ensure that every trip you have with your car will be memorable, convenient and safe, there are several must-have next level accessories you should add to your shopping list.

Bluetooth Key Finder

All car owners have surely forgotten where they last put their car keys at one point in their lives or another. If it didn’t happen to you yet, you are lucky. But, if you belong to the group of forgetful folks, you can end your worries with a Bluetooth Key Finder. You can connect the device to your smartphone. It will make your keys ring so you don’t have to search high and low anymore.

Dash-Mounted Camera

When car accidents happen, a dash-mounted camera can record and automatically save the whole actual footage. It can then be used as a piece of solid evidence to determine whose fault the accident was and help you use insurance to fix your car.

Phone Holders

With all the different navigation apps that you can download on your smartphone, phone holders are accessories that you can see in almost all Honda cars right now. This has the capacity to hold your phone or tablet steady while you are busy driving. This is a simple accessory often made from plastic that can definitely make your life as a driver easier and more convenient.

Multi-port Car Charger

If you can never see yourself without your gadgets even for a day and you always dread the sound your phone makes when its juice is running low, make sure you have a multi-port charger. This way, there will be enough room to accommodate all of your devices even when you are on the road. And while you’re at it, make sure you pitch in cable holders to prevent wires from getting all tangled up.

Electronic Body Massage Pillow

Back and neck pains are almost inevitable during long drives. In addition to the usual lumbar support, make sure you also got a massage pillow that will ease the tension off those muscles on your neck and lower back. With its heating function and massage rollers, you will find it more bearable to drive for hours. Just don’t fall asleep while driving, though.

Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot monitoring system is now integrated into several newer car models. The special feature alerts the driver if there is someone in the blind spot. However, if your Honda car doesn’t have one yet, you can always get blind spot mirrors and attach them to your side mirrors. The fish eye view lens might seem small but don’t underestimate them because they have a big purpose. They can give you better visible to keep you safe from potential accidents.

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