About us Australian Engagement.com

Welcome to Australian Engagement-Education Consultants! 

A certified educational agency that helps international students, at any age, to get a study program in Australia. 

We are representing numerous Australian educational institutions all over the continent. Currently, counselling to all aspirants who would like to undertake any educational program is free of charge. Plus we provide all available information about offered scholarships from various institutions. 

Australian Engagement-Education Consultants is certified by Professional International Education Resources. PIER is an independent body recognised by the Australian Department of International Education to set up ethical practices and compliance with Australian laws as education agents, that acknowledge us “aQualified Education Counselling Agent”. 

You may find our headquarters in Brisbane, formerly known as Learn and Work Australia. In 2011, we formally changed the company name to Australian Engagement Pty Ltd and added more branches in different locations both locally and overseas. 

The primary objective of our company is to guide every student who wishes to study in Australia. Every student will experience, high-level satisfaction based on efficient and ethical processes that we provide, while creating an outstanding profile for our agency and partner institutions. While doing this, the agency also aims to integrate Australia’s rich cultural heritage to every student through our services. 

It is also important to advise students on what kind of job can be open for them with the degree or course that they will take. We don’t close our doors to every possibility that individual student can face in their future. Now more than ever, we want our organisation to base our standard on social responsibility that will contribute to the welfare of our society. 

Consequently, our agency values how honesty and being direct can help every student better with our counselling. As long as they need it, even our life stories, study and work experiences in Australia will be shared. We are hoping that they will see all the information and advice that we provide are accurate, honest, and moral. In this way, we are proud to say that we are doing the best that we can offer to every student client who will trust us. 

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