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Educating the Next Generation in Australia

When it comes to educating the next generation in Australia, it is like you are gazing at a crystal ball. Five decades ago, some would have expected the likes of Classics and Latin to become redundant. If you will ask about these subjects in Australian classrooms right now, you will not only discover that these are not taught anymore but students will even ask you how these can help them in their real day to day life.

This question speaks a lot about the modern-day learners. They no longer consider conventional academic subjects as irrefutably valuable because they also need it to come in handy in this modern world. This yea 2020, how will learning Latin help you land a job?

A lot of Australians seem to share the same sentiments. Based on the latest survey, many people have this belief that education must put stronger emphasis on vocational and practical skills. Although traditional subjects remain important, most believe that this no longer prepare students for the future working environment where they will be part of.

How do Australian schools adapt, then?

Multi-skill Education

Skills should be the top priority instead of jobs. In the past, jobs tend to come and go often. Many Australian students were gearing up for occupations where most were expected to be significantly changed by automation. This is why focus on multi-skilled education is important to make it through the dynamic job economy. Although the educational system won’t prepare you for this, it places more emphasis on multi-skill education that accommodates an equally multi-career future.

Industry Insight and Apprenticeships

This concern doesn’t have a quick and easy fix but seeing most schools form partnerships with the local trades and industries is something that will see an increase in the future. Working with industry experts can close the gap in skills that are currently present between employment and education.


The curriculum is now getting rewritten by technology. The extensive use of different wireless devices right now made some tasks meaningless such as typing. Youngsters now feel more comfortable with touch-typing even at a very young age. Also, students no longer have time to put their handwriting into practice. Amidst this society that is starting to become increasingly paperless, calligraphy is now considered a relic of the past.

To make sure that today’s schools wont’ fail the youngsters, it is a must for them to adapt. Interestingly, there are experts who recommend that gaming might play an essential role in the field of education. Games got the unique abilities to enthrall, engage, and move people, qualities that experts deem to be the key to embed knowledge. Games became popular for the past few years, basically through making the most out of the benefits of the games, such as drama, competition, and enjoyment, and relating these to different issues in the real world. Games are also believed to have this power of addressing real-world issues.

Ultimately, it is easy to see that technology will shape the future of education in more ways than one. To better equip the next generation in Australia, the educational system can no longer rely exclusively on traditional subjects to prepare the kids. It moves with technological advances. With technology and times moving forward, the education system should, too.

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green grass turf and a tree

Different Kinds of Turf for Australian Weather

Turf is just grass for most Australians, no more, no less. But, for professionals in the field of gardening or those who are extra attentive to their yards, lawns are more than large patches of green.

The specific type of grass you choose for your lawn is not just a simple decision you have to make. You have to consider a lot of things, one of which is the weather. Below is an overview of the different kinds of lawn for Australian weather and what sets them apart from each.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is infamous for being annoyingly scratchy and irritating. However, it has become a popular option for the past few years with the rise of the so-called Soft Leaf Buffalo types of grass. These include Matilda and Sir Walter Buffalo that make fort soft and lush lawns when maintained properly. Buffalo grass thrives well in winter and summer and can handle the extremes brought by different times of the year.

Kikuyu Grass

With its name inspired by Kenya’s most heavily populated ethnic group, Kikuyu grass is often considered as among the more vigorous or durable grasses. This also happens to be the most economical. Kikuyu grass loves warmer climate, thriving in full sun that makes it an ideal choice for Australian homes. The main concern with this grass is its fast-growing nature, it means that this could become invasive and require frequent mowing during warmer months of the year. You need to take extra care to prevent it from creeping out of your lawn to spread in other parts of your yard or cross to your neighbor’s yard.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is always a popular type of turf with several equally popular sub-types. This is a cheaper and easy-going grass that makes this perfect if you want to have a great-looking lawn once treated properly. This can hold up against wear and tear that has the capacity to repair itself quickly because of the durable underground runners. Couch grass stays fairly vibrant throughout every season. But, extra care must be taken during warmer months as it requires regular mowing. During colder months, couch grass must be fertilized and nourished. Failure to do so will make it unsightly and patchy.

Tall Fescue

This is a famous choice for those instant lawns wherein pre-grown grass is being rolled out on top of pre-existing grass or soil. This is an unbelievably indiscriminate kind of grass as it is equally happy in both shade and sun. It can also adapt to different climates and soil conditions. But, the cherry on top is that this grass doesn’t have any runners. It means that this cannot invade your neighbor’s yard or nearby garden beds.

Zoysia Grass

Historically speaking, Zoysia grass is a less popular type of grass in Australia but it is now starting to gain significant recognition as a viable and attractive choice for lawns. It is famous for its incredible softness without the chances of scratching or irritating the skin. Its growth is also amazingly slow that makes it attractive for people who are not big fans of mowing. This turf does well all-year-round but is slightly more prone to browning during drought.

If you need some turf for your lawn, check where to get Sydney’s best turf supplies. Visit HQT today.

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carport pergola

Notable Differences between Historical and Modern Pergola

Pergolas endured the long years since their first introduction. Despite all the changes in its name, styles, and materials, the purpose of these structures stayed the same for more than 3,000 years.

The earliest known garden plan that survived to this day dated back to around 1,400 BC. It was owned by an Egyptian who was a member of the high court of Thebes. The plan shows a pergola over the garden’s entryway. While there are standing debates on the true inspiration behind the construction of pergolas, it was probably because of their undeniable aesthetic beauty. The weather could also be one factor for its creation. But, there is no doubt that these intricate structures are beautiful and functional at the same time, making them timeless entities that remained popular through the years.

For many centuries, pergolas served numerous purposes. One of these is serving as stunning hanging gardens exclusively made for the most affluent. Pergolas also served an important function for common workers who used them for growing some species of harvestable vegetation. The structures also offered backyard aficionados a great place where vine plants can climb and grow. These structures offer an elegant shade that protects people from all walks of life from the harsh rays of the sun or the furious storm. Today, we even have carport pergolas.

Pergolas have definitely come a very long way from the first time they were created and today, not only the rich elites can enjoy their function and beauty.

The Historical Pergolas

Pergola is taken from the Latin term pergula that means a projecting eave usually found as an arbour or extended roof. The term was known to be used for the first time during the late medieval period in the 1640s. John Evelyn used this at the cloister in Rome’s Trinita del Monti. Eastern Asia during that time was already producing their own structures featuring curved beams that imitated the arched architecture structure of pergolas.

The 17th century’s Great Italian Renaissance breathed new life to pergolas. Possibly focusing more on beauty instead of functionality, the period of artistic revival paved the way for arches featuring dramatic and large pillars made from smooth stone. The 19th and the early 20th century pergolas are epitomized the most by some renowned garden designers such as Gertrude Jekyll and Sir Edwin Lutyens.

The Modern and Future Pergolas

In general, modern pergolas are not made from the same brick and stone that were seemingly favoured by earlier generations. The structures have taken advantage of modern technology. Materials such as fibreglass and vinyl resulted in the making of pergolas that can last a lifetime requiring very little to no maintenance at all. On the other hand, simplistically functional and stylish pergolas made from treated pine or red cedar have set the standards in the industry.

For centuries, pergolas served as covers for roads and walkways or as building extensions. They are built as permanent structures crafted from rock and stone and fibreglass and vinyl in modern times. The pergola has found its origins and home in Greece, France, Egypt, and Asia and spread all over the world.

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roland digital piano

Simple Ways to Learn Piano When You’re an Adult

The mere thought of trying to learn the piano when you are already an adult can be quite intimidating. Most people just refrain from doing so because they feel they are already too old or it is too late for them to embark on something new. But, there’s no need to worry. In fact, there is no such thing as being too late when it comes to learning to play an instrument. As long as you have the desire and determination, and of course, if you have easy access to a piano (it can be Steinberg or even less expensive digital pianos), you can become a master pianist in no time at all! Check out these tips to help you get started:

Set and Define Your Goals

Before anything else, know what you wish to achieve as a pianist. Do you like to learn how to play your favourite song? Would you like to perform for an upcoming special event? Set a clear goal on why you wish to learn to play the instrument. This goal can help you stay motivated and focused while giving you something to look forward to.

Look for a Teacher

There are many tutorials online that allow you to teach yourself. However, it wouldn’t hurt to find a teacher. Having regular meetings with your teacher will let you achieve your goals. Your teacher will also encourage you to be accountable for what you do.  It is always a wise idea to have a solid support system of people who will encourage you in learning the new skill.

Start with the Basics

When it comes to playing the piano when you are already an adult, it is best to start first with the basics. If you have no idea about the fundamentals of playing the instrument or how to properly read music, take your time in learning rhythm, notes, proper posture, scales, as well as other critical skills. Not learning the right practices and habits of playing as early as possible will only stop you from moving forward later on.

Find Music You Will Enjoy Playing  

Most people instantly assume that they should start with classical music. But, this is not the case all the time. If your objective for playing is to enjoy and have fun, start with those songs you like. It is great to start with pop songs since these often have simpler tunes and melodies easy to pick up. The secret to enjoying playing the instrument is to look for music you will enjoy playing. This will keep you motivated to continue to learn. On top of that, you will find it rewarding once you have successfully played a tune familiar to you.

Prioritize Practicing

Failure to schedule a definite time for practice daily will lead to not having enough time to practice at all. If you are serious about learning the instrument, you should fully commit yourself to practice on a regular basis and applying the things you learned. Constant practice in shorter time sessions is better compared to practicing everything at once. It means that it is more effective if you practice daily for 30 minutes instead of practicing for 2 hours once a week.

Don’t be afraid to learn how to play the piano even if you are already an adult. This is something you can as long as you put your heart, mind, and body to it.

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honda crv

Next Level Accessories for Your Honda Cars

The whole point of having a Honda car like the stylish Honda CR-V is to help you reach your destination as safely and comfortably as possible. However, there will always be a few inevitable challenges that car owners often deal with before they get from one place to another. Sometimes, even the tiniest mishaps can get quite annoying.

To ensure that every trip you have with your car will be memorable, convenient and safe, there are several must-have next level accessories you should add to your shopping list.

Bluetooth Key Finder

All car owners have surely forgotten where they last put their car keys at one point in their lives or another. If it didn’t happen to you yet, you are lucky. But, if you belong to the group of forgetful folks, you can end your worries with a Bluetooth Key Finder. You can connect the device to your smartphone. It will make your keys ring so you don’t have to search high and low anymore.

Dash-Mounted Camera

When car accidents happen, a dash-mounted camera can record and automatically save the whole actual footage. It can then be used as a piece of solid evidence to determine whose fault the accident was and help you use insurance to fix your car.

Phone Holders

With all the different navigation apps that you can download on your smartphone, phone holders are accessories that you can see in almost all Honda cars right now. This has the capacity to hold your phone or tablet steady while you are busy driving. This is a simple accessory often made from plastic that can definitely make your life as a driver easier and more convenient.

Multi-port Car Charger

If you can never see yourself without your gadgets even for a day and you always dread the sound your phone makes when its juice is running low, make sure you have a multi-port charger. This way, there will be enough room to accommodate all of your devices even when you are on the road. And while you’re at it, make sure you pitch in cable holders to prevent wires from getting all tangled up.

Electronic Body Massage Pillow

Back and neck pains are almost inevitable during long drives. In addition to the usual lumbar support, make sure you also got a massage pillow that will ease the tension off those muscles on your neck and lower back. With its heating function and massage rollers, you will find it more bearable to drive for hours. Just don’t fall asleep while driving, though.

Blind Spot Mirrors

The blind spot monitoring system is now integrated into several newer car models. The special feature alerts the driver if there is someone in the blind spot. However, if your Honda car doesn’t have one yet, you can always get blind spot mirrors and attach them to your side mirrors. The fish eye view lens might seem small but don’t underestimate them because they have a big purpose. They can give you better visible to keep you safe from potential accidents.

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