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Jorge Spinola from Spain

I am very happy because the agency supported me from the first time. They helped me solve some trouble by giving the appropriate options to choose the course I really wanted. In other agencies, it was not possible to find effective answers. I am happy with the visa lodging process as well, it was effective. @: spinola501@gmail.com

James Eric Gomez from Colombia: I am very happy with the assistance provided by Australian Engagement because they helped me find the best available payment plan. The visa was lodged quickly and effectively, this is: successfully! @: jegomezgg@hotmail.com

My name is Beatriz and I am from Madrid. I am very happy with Australian Engagement since they found the course I wanted. They helped from the first day and knowing what they were talking about. From my point of view, they are very competent in this field, this is because they have enough experience on courses and lodging student visas.
They are professional, fast and efficient! @ : beatrizp.e@hotmail.com

Hi, my name is Alexander Pujol and I am from Barcelona, Spain. I am 25 years old. I have been in the “ Down Under” for 9 months and heaps of good and bad things have happened to me. But for me, Australian Engagement has been a great help because my visa was extended with no problem at all. Therefore, I was always offered the best deal to pay the least.

Only three words are needed to describe this group of people: fast, economical and effective.
@: alexanderpujol01@gmail.com

My name is Beatriz Gil and I am Spanish. Actually I’m very happy with the service Australian Engagement has given me. A friend recommended me the agency, their customer service was very good and I found just the course I was looking for. I was also given payment options, and the visa was processed quickly. @: beatrizgilh@gmail.com

My name is Cristina Sanchez Robles from Spain . The truth is I’m very happy with Australian Engagement since they have helped, both, my husband and myself lodge my visa and everything related to this. For example, they found the most appropriate course at the university. This is why I am currently doing a master and I am very happy!
The agency has supported me by giving me the best financial options quickly. @ : kristina_1987_4@hotmail.com

Australian Engagement helps you in:

  • Identifying the best study option for you
  • Enrolling at the education institution of your choice
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Applying for your student visa
  • Job hunting
  • Getting connected to official translators, registered immigration and tax agents, and travel consultants

             We also provide you:

  • Pre-departure appropriate advice and support during your stay
  • Virtual assistance and visa application  from anywhere in the world


             Counselling free of charge!


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