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About us

Australian Engagement-Education Consultants is a qualified education agency focused on all types of study programs in Australia for international students, particularly from Latin America and Spain.

We represent Australian educational institutions and provide student counselling free of charge to all persons who would like to undertake any type of study program in Australia. We also provide information about current scholarship programs as part of our services.

Our agency has been certified by PIER (Professional International Education Resources), which has accredited us as “a Qualified Education Counselling Agent”. PIER is an entity recognized by the Australian Department of International Education. This qualification sets up clear guidelines about ethical practices and compliance with Australian laws as education agents.

Our headquarters were established in Brisbane in 2007, where the agency was initially known as Learn and Work Australia Pty Ltd. This name was changed to Australian Engagement Pty Ltd in November 2011. We also have a branch office in Bogota (Colombia) as well as representatives in other cities of Australia , Latin America and Spain.

Our main objective is to build a high level of satisfaction in all our students based on ethical and efficient processes, creating in turn an outstanding profile for our agency in front of our students and partner institutions. At the same time, we aim to promote the internationalization of education and cultural integration through our service provision.

Our vision is that by 2018 we will become an organization based on social responsibility standards that will contribute to the welfare of society.

We understand the importance of being frank and honest when counselling students. Consequently, one of the main priorities of our service is to share all our life, study and work experiences acquired in Australia in a clear and honest way; ensuring that all information and advice provided to the students are accurate, honest and well intentioned.

This way, when offering support and advice, the needs of our students are always put before our own interests. Because all of the above, our student clients regard us as highly trusted education agents.

Australian Engagement helps you in:

  • Identifying the best study option for you
  • Enrolling at the education institution of your choice
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Applying for your student visa
  • Job hunting
  • Getting connected to official translators, registered immigration and tax agents, and travel consultants

             We also provide you:

  • Pre-departure appropriate advice and support during your stay
  • Virtual assistance and visa application  from anywhere in the world


             Counselling free of charge!


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