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One of our most important services is to assist you to search and apply for available scholarships. We are convinced that scholarships offer real opportunities to promote the development of the human capital of our countries. We want to assist you to achieve your academic and professional goals!

It is very important that you explore your options to apply for a scholarship before investing in your studies. The Australian government, education providers, private organizations and NGOs offer scholarships of up to 100% of the tuition fees plus funding for other related costs.

Scholarships are usually for vocational programs, masters, PhDs and post doctoral studies. The most important things to bear in mind when applying for a scholarship are: to get the information on time, fulfil the requirements and prepare an excellent application. Unfortunately, sometimes some scholarships are not granted due to a lack of candidates. We provide current information and support you with the required processes to apply for a scholarship. We are constantly getting information about new scholarships offered by different governments and education providers.

Some available scholarships offered by the Australian Government are:

The Endeavour Awards: www.deewr.gov.au/International/EndeavourAwards/Pages/Home.aspx

Australia Development Scholarships: http://www.ausaid.gov.au/australia-awards/Documents/latin-america.pdf

Find also the biggest summary of scholarships at the Australian Government scholarship searcher: http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/en/Scholarships

Do not forget to look at the scholarships offered in your home country to study overseas. Likewise, we also suggest that you enquire at the Australian universities, as many of them usually offer scholarships as well. We can provide you with current information about them.

If you want to receive information about current scholarships to study in Australia, please fill out the following form. With this information we will be able to assess your possibilities to apply for a scholarship so that you can have more and better study options.


Please try to answer all the questions as thoroughly as possible. If you cannot answer a question, that’s not a problem. Please write N/A in the questions that you cannot answer, so the form can be sent. Even so, we may be able to identify a scholarship that could suit you!

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Australian Engagement helps you in:

  • Identifying the best study option for you
  • Enrolling at the education institution of your choice
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Applying for your student visa
  • Job hunting
  • Getting connected to official translators, registered immigration and tax agents, and travel consultants

             We also provide you:

  • Pre-departure appropriate advice and support during your stay
  • Virtual assistance and visa application  from anywhere in the world


             Counselling free of charge!


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